Down Dog Rescue is excited to open it’s arms to the homeless dog population. Please excuse our dust, our website is under contruction.

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello there… We are falling in love with that little dog Bo’s face!!! My lttle family is looking to adopt and I’ve had my eye out for that special dog.. I’m a sahm mom of one little boy, we have no other pets and plenty of love and time to give a puppy. I’m an experienced Jack russell terrier owner looking for a new furry family member.. We live in Oregon and are willing to drive!
    Feel free to call me-

  2. I am interested in Janice. I adopted Olive from your organization in March and would like to maybe add a little sister.
    Call me after 7pm
    Jean Roth 206-283-4867

  3. I was told by Saldju to contact you in re: Daphne. I have a friend who is disabled and looking for a little dog to be her service dog. I noticed Daphne on facebook because she looks so much like my Shelby, except white. I think she would be perfect for her.

  4. Wondering why Down Dog Rescue is taking dogs from the LA area from private owners and how they transport them to Seattle.

    • Hi Arleen

      Down Dog Rescue rescues dogs from shelters in CA because that just happens to be where out network is. We mainly take dogs from Moreno Valley Animal Shelter and SEAACA although we have in the past taken stray dogs or dogs that their owners no longer wanted. We also take a lot of medical dogs. We use a transport called Paws Without Borders and are absolutely thrilled with them. On occasion we will have the dogs flown up in cabin or in cargo.

      Thanks for you inquiry!

  5. Hello! I met someone here in my neighborhood (Capitol Hill) who is affiliated with Down Dog. She was very friendly and had the cutest little black terrier! She also said that you get this sort of dog quite often. (We’re looking for a terrier or poodle mix, small to medium in size.) So I keep looking, but I don’t seem to ever see available dogs, just ones that have been adopted. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks so much! Shannon 206.948.3802

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