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Every penny helps. With the help of your donation we are able to foster additional animals, pay for transportation of rescue dogs, schedule needed surgeries for foster dogs in need. We are thankful of your love and support we promise to dedicate our time and love to these dogs.

Subscribe to a monthly donation – we have three levels. Poodle, Pit, and Dane. Click on the size of the dog that you would like to subscribe to. The subscriptions will go to vet bills, dog food, grooming, boarding, transportation, etc. We thank you so much!

Each monthly subscriber is automatically put into the monthly subscriber drawing for a prize! 

POODLE ($25/monthly donation)

PIT ($50/monthly donation) 


DANE ($75/monthly donation) 


6 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Down Dog Rescue
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    Please donate to Holly rescues in California

  2. Hi-I just made a small donation, and did not click the detail that I am wanting it to go for Holly’s vet bill. Can you please see to that for me? Blessings to you all – it is wonderful work that you do!

  3. I just donated $50 US 02/21/2015 towards ‘Lizzie’s’ care. I forgot to make ‘note to seller’. Thank you for all of your efforts.

  4. I just made a $25 US donation on 10/14/2105 and I forgot to make a note that it was for “Theo the Wheaten Terrier from Moreno Valley Animal Shelter.” Thank you all for the work that you are doing to help these amazing animals get a home they can call their own.

  5. It’s a very small donation, but with all my heart, hope it helps in any way you decided to use it

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