Featured Dogs


Tanner – ADOPTED


Turtle – ADOPTED


*If you are interested in any of these dogs or helping Down Dog foster dogs in California or Washington. PLEASE visit our contact me form to fill out your information and you will be contacted immediately after submission. You can find our pay pal information under our Donate page. All donations go straight towards transportation, food, vet bills, and any other necessities of these rescues.




Lucie ADOPTED! – Fostered in California but available for adoption/transport in California or Washington. Lucy weighs in at 5lbs. and is a delightful poodle girl, spayed and one year old. A great quote from foster mom, “She is affectionate, energetic, sweet natured, cuddly, playful and has a darling personality.  She should be easy to adopt out…  No aggression, no male issues, adorable.”

5 thoughts on “Featured Dogs

  1. We are very interested.in adopting a dog. We are.the owners of a Boston Terrier that our grandson.cannot live without. New best friends and now our dog is not our own. I am still working but my husband.is retired and would be.spending all.of his time with our new.pet
    We have a fenced yard and live on the trail in Snohomish. Lots of love.to give. Looking for a medium size dog preferably not a.pup but not an older.dog.either. Friendly, living and good with children
    Please keep us in mind. Best always

  2. Hello. I sent you a Facebook message last night. My mom’s 12 year companion dog went into heart failure and we recently lost her. My mom is wanting/needing to give another little angel a forever home. She needs a small dog probly no older than 4 or 5 but younger is better. She lives alone and puts all of her love into her four legged babies. Please help us find an appropriate fit. Thank you julia

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